The Markitt is the online marketplace for pre-owned designer labels; without the hassle for the sellers and the risk for the buyers.


With all the different platforms or groups to buy & sell pre-owned designer labels, we never see everything there is for sale or expose our item to everyone looking - or people who are just browsing! The Markitt was created to find a solution by simplifying the world of buying and selling privately and to protect those who are doing so. We are an open and central platform for all sellers and shoppers! Aside from this, we want to encourage slow fashion as much as we can and our site gives the ability to shop second hand without compromising on quality and service.

What's so good about selling with us?

Selling your own items can sometimes end up being a 2nd job. You have to find the right places to sell, photos, handle the influx of messages and then organise collection which can sometimes be daunting when dealing with a stranger. With many other responsibilities, then you will usually put it in the 'too hard basket' and they stay in your cupboard taking up storage space (Marie Kondo disapproves). With The Markitt, we keep your tasks to a minimum and want to take the job off your hands. We also know that by taking care of everything in a professional way, its no wonder that we attract more buyers. For more information on the options for selling and the benefits, head over to our Sell It page.

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Why You should shop with us

We have designed an experience that mirrors the comfort that comes with shopping online with your favourite retailers. The term 'pre-owned' is used but we aim for the items to be much like the ones we buy new out of the stores, that have been tried on by 10 different people or worn all day by the shop assistants during their shift (spoiler alert). We work and communicate with our sellers to ensure that as a shopper, you are covered by our Selling Terms & Conditions. All too often we see reviews from buyers of private seller items which have been scammed, losing hundreds of dollars, receiving the item in bad condition or unlike the description with a no return policy.  So with that in mind, we have a return policy (yep, your prayers have been answered), unlike all of the seller groups and platforms - which are also not private at all for the sellers, as everyone in the group can view your Facebook profile with your details. On top of all these factors, we only use secure and compliant payment providers for credit cards or payment through PayPal. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.



The Markitt operates in Australia only and is based in QLD. f you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly team.


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Any events/PR related/collaboration enquiries, please email through and we will forward on to management.

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