The General Terms and Conditions relevant to sellers outlined below, are enforced to provide provisions for fair arrangements for all parties using the The Markitt service. Sellers have been referred to as 'you' being the seller or potential seller through the The Markitt service.

What items will we sell / not sell?


We will only sell items in new or near new condition which are original designer labels or brands. Due to hygiene risks, we do not sell swimwear or earrings. We reserve the right to refuse to sell any items that we feel do not fit this criteria and that may not sell. We will also not accept mass market retailers for example the following brands - Ally, ASOS, Ask Grace, Angel Biba, Bardot, Boohoo, Cotton On, Chicabooti, Dotti, Forever New, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Factorie, Glamourous, Girl Express, H&M, Hot Options, Jay Jays, Jacquie E, K-Mart, Ladakh, Lee Cooper, Lowes, Mango, Miss Shop, Millers, Missguided, New Look, Now, Paper Scissors, Pretty Little Thing, Rockmans, Roger David, Rubi Shoes, Supre, Sportsgirl, Sussan, Suzanne Grae, Shein, Target, Temt, Tarocash, YD, Valley Girl, Victoria’s Secret.


We will not accept clothing that have makeup marks, food/water stains, damaged with holes, tears, missing/broken parts and non-washed items that smell of cigarette smoke, perfume, pet dander, mothball scent.

As a general guide, please have a look at the list of designers labels and brands we sell. Additional to the accepted designer labels/ brands, sellers must also meet/adhere to the following;

As a general guide, please have a look at the list of designers labels and brands we sell. Additional to the accepted designer labels/ brands, sellers must also meet/adhere to the following;


  1. Sales Items are to be in good condition or detailed clearly of any faults. The Markitt reserves the right to refuse any items that do not meet our criteria, standards or are priced too high.


  1. The seller ensures that all items are of their personal property and are free from any rights of third parties.


  1. The seller must ensure that their items do not represent as “fakes” therefore are the original designer.


  1. As agreeing to sell an item through The Markitt, sellers cannot then offer/ transact privately the same item, outside of The Markitt platform on his/her own or through a third party unless they are redirecting the sale back through The Markitt platform and checkout process.


  1. The Markitt will try to achieve the highest sales price however as the sellers representation, can determine the price at its own discretion and hold off advertising if required. The seller can indicate his or her desired price in the applicable sales form and The Markitt will set the price to this however can refuse if unreasonable.


  1. The Markitt is not liable for any unsolicited sales items it receives and can refuse to accept such sales items or merchandise or return them to the sender freight collect.


  1. When the seller sends a sales item to The Markitt, the seller bears the risk of loss, damage or other detriment of said sales item until the sales item is received by The Markitt. Once this happens, the seller will receive confirmation by email that we have received the item.


  1. The Markitt does not take any responsibility if damage occurs prior to receipt of the sales item/s during transit.


In addition to the points above, The Markitt will not accept any items that are fake or counterfeit merchandise (inferior quality, made or sold under another brands name without authorisation). If you are suspected of selling (via the Basic option) or sending to us (for Superior option) anything that is suspected as fake or counterfeit, penalties will apply. As a seller, you will be held liable to refund the buyer (if outside of the refund policy period, this will still apply for the seller to refund as per the accepted T&Cs) and banned from using this platform. If we are selling on your behalf and hold your item, return of the item to the seller will be at the sellers expense.


Your Earnings/Final Sale Fee

The Markitt only takes a small commission from your final sale. For any sales under $20, we charge a flat rate of $3.95 and you are transferred the remaining. 


Depending on your level of service ie. Basic (DIY) or Superior selling option:


When choosing the Basic Selling Option, the commission fee on sale is 15% and capped at a maximum of $60 per item sold. This is to protect your income/earnings from your sale as we want you to get the most return on investment.


For the Superior service, the commission rate is 25% which is slightly increased due to the level of service, photography, additional time and packaging. This commission is also capped at $60 per item sold to insure maximum earnings.


As a business in Australia, your item is sold inclusive of GST therefore you will receive the sale amount excluding commission and the GST paid. The sale fee will be transferred into the sellers nominated bank account, 3 days following the delivery date (eg. day 3 being the day of transfer from our account to your nominated account) once the refund policy acceptance period is finalised. By agreeing to the Seller Terms & Conditions, you are aware of the Refund Policy within these terms.


We prefer to transfer via PayPal and can do so by being given your PayPal account email address - its that simple! However, if you choose for us to transfer to your bank account instead which we certainly can do, please ensure you enter the correct bank details when you receive the Confirmation of Sale notification from us. The Markitt accepts no responsibility if incorrect bank details are supplied and you will independently have to speak to your financial institution to reissue the funds from the incorrect account if you have given the wrong details for your deposit. 


Another important note; we are unable to guarantee the time it takes for the funds to be deposited due to different financial institutions, please keep this in mind however we will send you the remittance as soon as it has been sent. 


How can I best determine my desired price?

Before entering your desired price in the Sellers form, consider whether the price is realistic and what you would like to earn once you deduct the The Markitt costs (all prices will include GST so please keep this in mind as your earnings will be in full less the GST portion and merchant fees) you also have to consider the popularity of the brand and the demand, additional to the age and type of item. We want to be able to do the hard work for our sellers and make sure we are well informed when advertising your item so if we believe you have set an unrealistic price, we will offer advice. If the price has been set too high, it can affect the sale of the item.

Pricing for advertisement

When you enter in your item/s to sell in the seller form, you have the opportunity to enter your desired price based on the age, condition and original price. We will then do some market research and gain as much information to understand if there are items like it online and if your price is comparable and competitive. In most cases, the Markitt will not hold up the advertising process however The Markitt reserves the right to hold off advertising the item for sale if your asking price is unrealistic to eliminate a poor outcome for the seller and buyer. 

How do I photograph my item if I choose the Basic selling option?

Its important to think about what you would feel comfortable buying on the internet and what things turn you off buying something! The Markitt will request better quality photos if required which can delay your item being advertised which we want to avoid. We also want to help you as much as we can to make the experience as easy as possible so we have made the ultimate DIY Photography guide for you here.


The Markitt reserves the right to refuse to use photos that do not suit the guidelines provided in the DIY Photography guide. Photo requirements include and not limited to:

  1. Item is clean and ironed/ steamed
  2. In day light or lighting which accurately shows the colour and detailing
  3. Full length photos
  4. Photos of the front and back
  5. Photos provided of the care label of the actual item being sold
  6. Photo provided of the designer label with size on actual item being sold
  7. Any additional photos are appreciated such as if the item/s have tags intact, these to be included and if you have the original designer photo from online these are helpful to include in your advertisement.
  8. You MUST include a photo if you have identified any garment issues/ wear and tear. 


If any of the above is found to be untrue either by The Markitt, your advert will be immediately removed. If someone has purchased one of your items and they are not authentic then the refund policy will apply.


If we don’t have all the images, this can delay your item/s going live on the site and we will contact you.


Refund Policy 


As a seller on The Markitt, you agree to the 3 day refund period whereby the purchaser has the right to a refund if the item is not as described or shown, or the item is faulty. There will be instances where purchasers request a refund and The Markitt is a platform that prides itself on being fair to both parties involved which also increases the likelihood of people buying your items.


  1. The 3 day period begins from the moment we have received the successful delivery receipt with weekends/public holidays being included in the total count.
  2. Once this refund period is complete, your sale funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account or paypal and you will be notified.


Shipping of item once sold 


YAY - an item of yours has sold! Now what? 


  1. You will receive an email notification from us with the details and requesting your confirmation of shipping from address. 
  2. You will to need to source & supply an appropriate package satchel from any mailing supplies shop near you. We frequently buy ours from Officeworks & Australia Post with their pricing as little as $1 - $2 for a satchel as these satchels do not have postage included. 
  3. Once you have replied to our Sales notification, you will receive a prepaid post label to print and attach to your parcel and an additional attachment to print from Who Wears What to be packed inside with the item you are sending. 
  4. With our preferred shipping courier, Sendle, you have the luxury of packaging your item and simply leaving it at your front door for collection which is anytime between 8:00AM & 6:00PM. If there are any issues with using Sendle, perhaps due to your location (rural) or any other reason, we use Australia Post by default. 


As a Basic/ DIY seller you agree to ship your item once sold within 24-48 hours (business days only ie. if sold on a weekend, seller must ship on next business day). If for any reason this is not possible eg. overseas, unwell, you must notify The Markitt so we can communicate this to the buyer of your item. If for any reason the buyer no longer wants to proceed with the purchase because it cannot be sent to them in a timely manner, they have the right to do so because they are no longer receiving the item within the agreed time frame expected. 


If you have purchased the Superior Selling Option, The Markitt will always ship your item within the 24 hour period and we will still notify you with the good news that your item has been sold & shipped! 



What happens if your item does not sell?

In the case where your item doesn't sell within 6 months, we will be in contact with you to discuss a price review. Our customer service team will contact you to confirm all the nitty gritty details regarding this with you before proceeding and that you are happy to reprice in order to make a sale. If The Markitt is holding your item on the Superior selling option, you will be given the option to have your item returned to you. The Markitt will happily send you back your Item & remove your advertisement for only the cost of postage to enable us to do so.