Our mission is to bring as many of the privately sold items out of the darkness of many selling groups and into the LIGHT of this one place! No more WTB threads (wanting to buy for any newbies), no more haggling with low blow price offers, no more "is this still available" pings and No. More. Scammers!

Also; you know that feeling, when you see something you really want but cant or don't want to buy it? And you start thinking about how you can make it possible?

And last but equally as important... The ENVIRONMENT. We are making fast fashion, sloooow.

The Markitt is the solution to all of these problems; whether you are selling or shopping, this is the spot.

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Leopard Jacket


Leopard Jacket

Size 8

Mesh Pencil Dress


Mesh Pencil Dress

Size SML

Khaki Dress

Rodeo Show

Khaki Dress

Size 6

Lili AB x TO TshirtLili AB x TO Tshirt

Anine Bing

Lili AB x TO Tshirt

Size XS