We have all seen some horrific photos of items for sale...

... through different DIY selling groups online and they usually don't sell. Our view on this is; only show a photo of the item if you would be happy to buy it yourself. There are some really simple tips and tricks to showcase the quality and make someone feel comfortable to purchase pre-owned. 


~ Make sure the item is clean and steamed/ironed (depending on the material). There is nothing worse than clothes with crinkles, am I right or am I right?

~ Take photos during the day! Find a nicely lit room at home with natural daylight and make sure the light is facing the item not behind it eg. don't put the item in front of the window where the sun is shining in.

~ Find the right hanger for the item and if there is a hook in the room, use this to hang the hanger on. If you don't have a hook, a removable hook is handy or get creative with a door or string! A white wall or door is good but don't worry about the perfect wall too much, as technology these days helps us remove backgrounds.

~ More is more! Cover all your bases with all of the details. Always have a photo of the front, back, label. care label, tag (if brand new), interesting features, and of course if there are any faults at all, its crucial to include photos of them.

If the upper body of the item is a sheer/see through material, we recommend doing a flat lay image. This is because if you were to use a hanger, you will be able to see it through the material. Luckily, flat lay shots are super easy too. All you need is a white sheet on the floor, lay your item presented nicely on the sheet & use a chair or ladder to safely take the photos from above. You will be a flat lay expert in no time!

You no longer need a fancy camera to take good quality shots... a good iPhone/android camera can usually do the trick! Before you take the photo though, make sure you are level/eyeline with the item.

If you are at all unsure, email your questions or photos you are unsure about to the friendly team at Remember, if this is not your strong suit and you just want to 'set and forget' then let us take the work off you by selecting the Superior Selling package.